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Batman Robin One: 12 Collective Action Figure/ Mezco

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Product Description

Sidekick, son, and one half of the Dynamic Duo, Robin joins the One:12 Collective!

The One:12 Collective Robin wears an armored tunic with ‘R’ insignia over his fitted bodysuit, utility belt, and hooded, serrated cape with an integrated posing wire. The Boy Wonder comes with 3 head portraits with various expressions.

Robin is more than equipped to defend Gotham City on his own and comes complete with multiple birdarangs, katana, bow and arrows, bo staff, and more.

Damian Wayne is a rebellious troublemaker who’s been trained by assassins since birth. Assuming the mantle of Robin and using his lethal skill set and marginal sense of mercy, he no longer needs Batman to protect him from the criminals of Gotham.

Product Features

  • 6.30 inches (16cm)
  • 1/12 Scale
  • Made of plastic and fabric
  • Highly detailed
  • Custom fabric clothing
  • Fully articulated

Box Contents

  • Robin figure
  • 3 Head sculpts
  • 5 Pairs of hands
  • Alternate right hand
  • Face mask
  • Staff
  • Sword
  • Bow
  • 3 Arrows
  • Grapple gun wrist with wire
  • Birdarang effect
  • 3 Small birdarangs
  • 2 Medium birdarangs
  • Large birdarang
  • Stand