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My Hero Academia All Might Symbol of Peace Limited Edition 1:8 Scale Statue/ First 4 Figures


Product Description

First 4 Figures proudly presents the high-quality resin statue of the world’s Symbol of Peace…All Might!

In this glorious resin statue, All Might holds his fist high in the air. Fans of the anime will immediately recognize this iconic victory pose. All of All Might’s classic features are recreated in this one-eight-scale statue, from his quintessential blonde hair to the shadows on his bulging muscles.

The fine details and different textures of All Might’s suit show the care the First 4 Figures crew put into replicating the great pro hero. All Might stands upon a pile of rubble that has been intricately designed and meticulously painted to look like the real thing. The statue’s base features the symbol of U.A. High School, where All Might teaches the next generation of heroes.

Product Features

  • 15.40 inches (39cm)
  • 1/8 Scale
  • Made of resin
  • From the My Hero Academia anime series
  • Highly detailed sculpt and paint applications

Box Contents

  • All Might statue
  • Numbering & authentication card