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Star Wars The Black Series Phase II Clone Trooper Premium Electronic Helmet Prop Replica/ Hasbro


Product Description

Far superior to battle droids, clone troopers formed the backbone of the Republic's new military that waged war against the forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. So symbolic were they of the times, the galaxy-wide conflict that saw their debut took its name from their ranks: the Clone Wars.

Fans can imagine the biggest battles and missions in the Star Wars saga with premium roleplay items from Star Wars: The Black Series! With exquisite features and decoration, this series embodies the quality and realism that Star Wars devotees love.

Product Features

  • Life-size replica
  • Wearable
  • Featuring highly-detailed deco
  • Features sounds from the Star Wars universe
  • Requires three 1.5v AAA (not included)

Box Contents

  • Clone Trooper helmet